For the Business Community & Residential Strata

Our Focus

It has always been about making personal relationships with the business community, property managers and strata members.

Our only goal is to be of service, add value to your property, be fair to the people we employ, and respect the Earth that is our home.


What we do

We are Optimized Landscape Management.

We optimize your landscape to work based on your needs.  If you're in business maybe it's a simple program to keep your operation is compliance with city bylaws and provide a safe working environment for employees and visitors. If you produce food products we have lots of experience with HACCP regulations.

If your a residential strata,  you might like an organic care program along with our eTools with no little noise and no fumes. 

 We maintain, renovate, add colors, and plant lots of trees, shrubs, and plants.

Thats what we do.


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